The Best Party Games to Play at Your Kid’s Next Birthday

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Kids dancing along to a game with a BirthdayLand staff member.

Birthday parties need all sorts of entertainment and games to keep them fun—after all, how else do you keep over a dozen kids engaged?

There are some classic games that we’ve all grown up playing and some more contemporary versions or inventions that kids can’t get enough of. At BirthdayLand, we make sure your kids have the best indoor birthday party in Miami, through décor, food, entertainment, and of course, games!

Here are some of our favorite birthday party games:

Simon Says 

This age-old classic is the ultimate party game and requires little to no preparation. Everyone follows along to Simon’s orders and gets eliminated as they fail to keep up. It’s entertaining and super amusing for all the kids and onlookers, and hilarious to see everyone participating!

Musical statues 

This is another fun game that’s been around forever and only requires music and lots of spontaneity. Watch the kids wriggle and dance and suddenly freeze as you try to make them laugh and move. Priceless!

Truth or dare

A child jumps over a rope as part of a birthday party game.

This works best for older kids and teens because it gives them an opportunity to have fun without getting inappropriate! You can come up with fun questions and dares that are both safe and exciting, so there’s no room for invasive personal questions or risky dares that could lead to injury—or lifelong embarrassment.

Video games 

We also offer video games, which are the perfect choice for older guests and partygoers and come with a variety of options such as sports games, action, and more.

They can settle in on our comfy couches and beanbags to watch each other fight for victory or have a mini-tournament.

Foosball and ping pong

We also love in-person games like foosball and ping pong, which is why we’ve got a corner set up for them. While some play truth or dare, talk, hang out or go at it with video games, others can head here for more exciting options.

Socially distanced entertainment at a party at BirthdayLand.

Sounds like fun, huh? Let’s get planning so you can host the ultimate birthday party for your child! We’ll make sure they have the best time ever with their friends and family, with tons of snacks, games, music, an indoor playground, and much more. Contact us here if you’re looking for party planners in Miami, or check out our packages here for more details.

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