How to Make Your Child’s First Birthday Memorable

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A child’s first year is a sentimental and emotional roller coaster ride for almost all parents. So, do you want to make your child’s first birthday a memorable one?

Here we’ve compiled five ways to make your child’s first birthday an unforgettable one!

1. Book a Professional Photographer for Your Child’s First Birthday Photo Shoot

Your child’s first birthday isn’t an ordinary day; you can’t rely on your phone camera for clicking snaps on this special day. Hire a professional photographer who has experience working with babies and toddlers.

Have your child’s solo pictures taken, along with some family portraits to create memories. Additionally, you can select a specialized theme for dresses and costumes. That will make the pictures even more enjoyable and worth saving!

2. Take Care of Your Child’s Schedule

Children have their own unique schedules! So if you’re planning to host a party, make sure you follow their timetable. If they’re peevish or fussy in the late afternoons, know that it isn’t a suitable time to throw a party.

If your child feels fresh after a nap, let them sleep before the party begins. Generally, children sleep for a long time. Therefore, host a party that lasts no longer than two hours. When your child is fresh, they can better enjoy the celebration. The more the enjoyment, the more memorable the event!

3. Design a Simple and Baby-Friendly Party Environment

Embrace simplicity while planning your child’s first birthday because this is the age when children have the highest risk of hurting themselves.

If you plan to host a birthday party in your home, baby-proof it by hiding and covering all the edges and sharp curvatures. If you plan to host it outdoor, communicate the guidelines to the management, and they’ll take care of everything. Be mindful of keeping plastic/paper plates and mugs for serving food and drinks as glass is hazardous.

Finally, don’t forget to set up your child’s playpens if hosting a birthday outdoor. This helps them to move freely everywhere.

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4. Order a Smash Cake

If you aren’t aware of the smash cake yet, it’s a specialized cake designed for the child’s first birthday. It allows the children to dig their hands inside, create a mess, and look adorable in their own ways, smiling and spreading joy.

The smash cake is the highlight of a child’s first birthday, so get in touch with your local bakeries to order a smash cake for your bundle of joy. You can order a smaller smash cupcake to reduce the mess. Additionally, think about ordering another bigger customized cake that you and all the other guests can enjoy together.

5. Plan an Outdoor Birthday Party

Finally, planning an outdoor birthday party gives your children the maximum opportunities to explore their surroundings and have fun. The party venue representatives take care of everything from food and drinks to games and entertainment. They make sure you and your child spend the best hours of your lives during the event.

BirthdayLand is one such perfect birthday party venue in Kendall. Our indoor party place is full of fun-filled activities for kids like a playground, bounce house, Ping-Pong, and video games. Get in touch with our representatives today to host an unforgettable birthday party for kids.

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