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Parents want nothing more than to make their children’s birthday as special as they can and try to spare no expenses. A survey revealed that 67% parents said that they spend more than a $100 on their child’s birthday party and nearly a quarter said that they spend over $300. Decorations set the mood for any birthday party and here are some essential decorations for every birthday.


Just like birthdays are incomplete without cake, they’re also incomplete without balloons. Bright and colorful balloons, whether in the form of a balloon arch, scattered around the whole party space, or stuck to walls, can instantly brighten up any room. And balloons are not just for kids. They now common in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials fit for every special occasion. The main types are latex, foil, cloud-buster and letter balloons.


Another type of decoration synonymous with birthday parties is streamers. Colorful, long and dangling cut-outs of crepe paper or foil hanging from the walls or furniture can make every room look festive. You can either purchase streamers from any décor store or even DIY them at home by cutting thin strips of crepe paper or tinsel foil.

Wall Decorations and Centerpieces

Wall décor and centerpieces can elevate the feel of any party, especially a theme party. You can buy wall décor or print cutouts of wall décor templates directly from the internet according to your party theme. Likewise centerpieces can either be purchased or made at home if you’re on a budget. If you’re hosting a princess-themed party for your little one, a princess castle might be an appropriate centerpiece or maybe a bouquet of gorgeous, pink flowers.

Decorations make birthdays so much more fun. From a simple party with just close family and friends or a themed birthday bash with a huge guest list, party decorations are an absolute must.

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