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Candies offered at a birthday party

A cake is a great way to celebrate just about any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating the birthday of your kid, an engagement, or a party, there’s always a reason to enjoy a delicious cake.

However, not everyone wants to eat cake on every special day; some want something different yet equally delicious. Luckily there are tons of alternative options that you can serve at parties and events instead of cakes! Here are some creative alternatives to the cake:


There’s nothing wrong with serving cupcakes instead of having a whole cake. Having several more petite desserts is almost always better than one much larger dessert, both in terms of variety and taste.

If you’re looking for an easy way to serve cupcakes, buy an inexpensive cupcake tower! Not only does it hold up to 50 cupcakes, but it also makes for a beautiful and elegant display that will be the talk of the party.

Fruit skewers

Fruit skewers are a great alternative because they’re not only delicious but also good for you (or at least better than cake). Use anything from melons to mangoes. You can even mix in some chocolate or yogurt-covered fruit for an extra sweet treat!


Sometimes, the only thing you want is a nice cold smoothie to cool you down when it’s hot outside. Well, guess what? That’s exactly how your guests are going to feel when they’re sitting in the sun at your event. It’s a perfect way to cool down your guests and keep them hydrated. You can also add in some blended fruit for extra flavor or even some gummy bears if you want an extra bit of sweetness.

Cupcakes offered at a birthday party

Cake pops

Cake pops are the middle ground between cake and candy; they’re like tiny cakes on a stick, covered in the delicious chocolate (or vanilla) coating. They’re the perfect party treat because you can eat them on the go or during the party without getting too messy.


What’s sweeter than having a bunch of delicious candy just lying around your house? Well, nothing. And guess what – your guests will love candy too! There are so many forms of candy out there, including gummies, hard candy, and chocolate. Put together bowls of candy to replace the cake for something truly different.

Birthday cake-flavored candy.

If you can’t decide between having a cake or just some candy, why not have both? Cake-flavored candy is a perfect alternative. It’s usually sold under names like “Funfetti” and “birthday cake,” so all you’ll need to do is buy a bag and set it out on the serving table!

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