6 Birthday Presents for Kids—Pandemic Edition

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June 21, 2021
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August 21, 2021
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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, birthdays aren’t the fun-filled gala they used to be. However, they remain the most memorable event in your child’s life.

By buying the right gift for your child, you can make them feel happy and joyous despite the grim circumstances. Here is our pandemic edition list of birthday presents!

1. 3D Moon Lamps

The fear of darkness haunts most children aged around 2–3 years and sometimes also prevalent in older children. This dread keeps them awake at night, disturbing their sleep cycle. This issue has become more frequent post-pandemic when children get to spend more time at home.

An amazing present that you can gift your child to fight their dark fears is a 3D moon lamp. This beautiful accessory illuminates and beautifies the child’s room, enhancing their comfort and eradicating their fears.

A piece of rainbow cake

2. Rainbow Cake – Explodes with Joyous Treats

Children love surprises, especially when they’re sweet, edible treats. So, if your child is a foodie or a cakeholic, you can think about ordering a rainbow exploding cake for them. This cake hides all the beauty inside it, including the vibrant colors, chocolate chips, sweet chips, and other creamy stuff. It’s a perfect delight to elevate your child’s mood in these social distancing times.

3. Learn a New Skill Online

Online learning is all the rage right now. Why not gift your child something productive and useful for their future years?

Get your child enrolled in an online class to learn a new skill. It could be anything from doing business to baking cakes. This birthday, engage them in valuable activities that will be useful to them in the future.

4. Cameo Video Messages

Virtual video messages are on the rise since people are compelled to practice social distancing. Celebrities and artists are especially active in this regard, making children’s birthdays special with their video messages. So, you can hire your child’s favorite singer and sportsperson or request their best friends to record birthday messages and then showcase them on their birthday. Your child’s emotions and expressions will be worth it!

Assorted birthday bags and gifts on the table

5. Disney+ Subscription

When movie-going was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, people shifted to online subscription forums. One excellent platform for kids to watch wonderful stuff on is Disney+. From fantasy to action, several genres of kids’ movies are available online.

6. Host an Outdoor Birthday Party with SOPs at BirthdayLand in Kendall

Finally, the perfect present for your child’s next birthday is to host it outdoors with SOPs in place. Children have become bored and lost interest in daily activities due to the lockdown. What’s better than taking them out and letting them enjoy themselves to their fullest?

Interestingly, parties can be arranged with SOPs! And if you would like to host an outdoor birthday party for kids in Kendall, BirthdayLand should be your ultimate choice! From disinfecting the indoor party place to maintaining social distance, they take care of everything and make sure you and your child have a wonderful time.

Browse through their party packages online today to host a perfect birthday party for kids in Miami.

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