4 Best Birthday Party Food Ideas

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Food is an essential aspect of a party, especially birthday parties. According to a poll by Baby Center, parents spend 56% of their birthday party budget on food. Parents need to pay extra attention to the food (including the cake) they serve. Planners from our party place for kids in Kendall have come up with some innovative birthday party food ideas that your guests are guaranteed to love.

Mini Pizzas

What child doesn’t love pizza? Mini pizzas are a smart yet hassle-free option for any birthday party. Different toppings including meat, veggies, cheese, pineapples etc., could be put on a table and kids can be given the choice to top their own pizza with their favorite food. You can then simply bake the pizzas in the oven and serve it to them. This will give them the satisfaction of eating something they made by themselves.

Mini pizzas

Fruit and Veggie Platters 

By presenting fruits and vegetables in fun and colorful ways on a platter, you can entice kids into eating healthy. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is more important than the amount eaten. Fruit and vegetable kebabs are a great idea that kids could find delicious. The fruits and vegetable could also be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes and arranged on the platter in decorative ways that makes kids want to try them.

Chips and Dips 

Kids love to eat chips and you can make this experience fun by offering a variety of dips for them to choose from. They could dip tortilla chips into salsa, hummus, jalapeños, mustard and more. You can even add a healthy twist to it by making some dips from avocado, black beans and other veggies.

Cake and Sweets

The cake is the showstopper of the party and you can have it made according to your child’s likes and interests. You can buy a pre-made one, have a custom-made themed one or bake one by yourself from scratch. Cupcakes are a good alternative to cake, they’re cheaper and easier to serve. You can also offer sprinkles, chocolate chips and whipped cream options for children to decorate their own cupcakes with.

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