4 Party Food Recipes To Add More Fun To Your Kid’s Birthday Party

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Want to throw a surprise birthday party for your kid at the last minute?

Have you ordered the cake and all the dazzling birthday party supplies? But what about the party food?

If you’re not too keen on ordering takeout for your kid’s big day, we have just the right birthday party recipes for you!

Just a word of caution, prepare large batches of these party foods as they’re guaranteed to be wiped out by hungry little party-goers!

Loaded Nachos

Want to create a fun and filling food dish for the kids? Loaded nachos are the way to go!

To make your loaded nachos, spread a layer of tortilla chips, add in some of that spiced beef mixture, top it off with some Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, and bam! A star is born!

Jalapeño Poppers

Want to make things a bit more spicy? These Jalapeno poppers are just the perfect party food for you!

If your kid wants something cheesy and spicy for their special event, turn up with these tried and tested Jalapeno poppers and woo the crowd with your culinary skills.

Take Jalapeno chilies, stuff them up with some mozzarella sticks, add in your choice of chicken stuffing, and bread them with some Panko. Fry these little guys, and voila, a heart-winning dish is ready to serve!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake

Should you serve ice cream or cupcakes for your kid’s birthday? Why not do both!

This ice cream cone cupcake recipe brings together the two best things on this earth! Bake some plain chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, and here comes the twist! Ditch the buttercream frosting and top these cupcakes with the ice cream scoop of your choice, dip it in some melted chocolate, and there you have it; the best dessert in the whole wide world!


freshly bakes mini pizzas for a kid's birthday party

Bite-Sized Pizzas

If you think the little ones would snub all the other food options, try to bake some bite-sized pizzas!

The best part about these pizzas is that they’re easy to bake, take the least amount of effort, and are loved by everyone! Moreover, you can go all out with your favorite pizza toppings and create customized bite-sized pizzas for everyone!

Throw A Fabulous In-Person Birthday Party for Your Kid at BirthdayLand!

While at-home parties can be fun, nothing beats a birthday event at the party venue!

At BirthdayLand, our guests can come in and enjoy their birthday parties to the max. From playing video game consoles to trying their hand at the foosball, our little guests are sure to have the time of their life!

Give us a call at 786-637-3140 and book your kid’s birthday party venue at BirthdayLand today!

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