4 Birthday Party Ideas for the Perfect Summer Bash!

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Tired of having the same Disney or Marvel-themed birthday party for your kid every year? Why not change things up with these cool and quirky summer bash ideas!

We’ve rounded up some summer birthday party ideas that’ll make you the coolest parent on the block! Have a look!

Cool Down With a Watermelon Themed Party

If your kid goes gaga for watermelon, why not throw them a watermelon-themed birthday party!

Set up watermelon-themed props and birthday banners and treat your guests to some refreshing watermelon popsicles or smoothies. Ditch the hot treats for some cool watermelon pizzas, feta, fruit salad, and some zesty watermelon salsa!

This ‘one in a melon’ party would make for a cool birthday bash in those hot summer months!

Get Ready for a Beach Bash

Tired of staying at home for the past two years? Why not shake things up by having a beach birthday party! Show your flip-flop game, turn the party into a luau, and have fun munching on ice cream, having tropical drinks, and a surfside BBQ session!

And the best part about these beach bashes? You never run out of game activities! So bring out the volleyball, build sandcastles, go shell hunting, or just take a dip in the cool seawater!

This fun-filled day would become a memorable one for all your guests!

Plan a Pool Party

If there’s one thing that kids often fantasize about, it’s a cool pool birthday bash!

Start by making some quirky pool party invites for the little attendees. Let them know about the party theme and the dress code.

Once you’re done with the invites, it’s time to bring out the pool floats! So roll out some fun, child-friendly pool floats, set up an SPF station, because hey, there’s no fun being in the sun without some SPF protection, and pump up your child’s favorite music!

And don’t forget to bring out the fun with some interesting, tasty snacks! Opt for a drinks and snacks station with fruit punch, smoothies, salsa and chips, pasta salads, and a healthy fruits section to fuel up the party-goers!

birthday party themed mocktails

Make It All about Ice Cream

Want to see the biggest smile on your little one’s face? Surprise them with a cool ice cream bash!

This ice cream-themed birthday bash is effortless yet will bring out the most fun! Opt for an ice cream cake, set up a sundae station, make some ice cream sauces like a butterscotch sauce, a gooey peanut butter sauce, or the classic strawberry sauce. And, let your little guests get creative with the toppings and help them enjoy their own delightful masterpieces!

Want to take things to the next level? Prepare a giant ice cream piñata and fill it up with lots of goodies!

Play It Safe with an Indoor Birthday Party at BirthdayLand

Think it’s too hot to hold an outdoor birthday party? Then, why not opt for a private, indoor party venue!

At BirthdayLand, guests can enjoy a safe birthday bash and get a whole day of video games, food, and fun!

Head to our website to learn all about our birthday party place and book our party packages today.

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