5 Ways to Host a Covid-Friendly Birthday Party

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Trying to plan a Covid-safe birthday party according to the ‘new normal’?

We’ve got you covered!

This blog uncovers how parents can plan a heart-stopping, mind-blowing, and Covid-friendly birthday party for their kids. Take a look!

Keep it Small

Before you set out to make the arrangements for your kid’s birthday party, settle down and make a guest list.

According to the CDC small gatherings guidelines, hosts should limit the number of guests to maintain a 6 feet distance more effectively. In addition, reach out to each guest and let them know all the requirements for a safe small gathering.

Set Up a Sanitization Station

Encouraging your guests to wash their hands before, during, and after the birthday party will ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy.

Try to set up sanitization stations at the party venue and get your wee little guests to wash their hands and sanitize themselves frequently.

Plan Safe and Interesting Activities

The best part about our Covid-friendly birthday party is that we don’t skip the games and party activities!

At BirthdayLand, guests can engage in socially distant activities such as foosball, ping pong, and play with our video game consoles.

Moreover, if you want to keep the young ones engaged and entertained, entertainment rentals like magicians and carton mascots are your best and safest bet!

A cartoon mascot entertaining kids at a birthday party

Keep a Distance

While an outdoor space will definitely allow you to have a lot of space and practice social distancing safely, you can also customize an indoor venue to fit your Covid-friendly party requirements.

Work with venue or event organizers and brief them on your guest list and your small gathering requirements. Venues like BirthdayLandcan help you set up a socially distant venue layout for your Covid-friendly birthday party.

Ditch The Large Casseroles

While birthdays aren’t the same without big-batch casserole dishes, the new normal is all about going the finger food route!

Opt for finger foods such as chicken wings, tacos, mini pizza bites, empanadas, and even chicken skewers. Instead of serving cake to everyone, opt for individual cupcakes, tarts, or trifle servings.

These no-touch finger foods will ensure that your guests enjoy a delicious birthday spread while staying safe!

Plan a Safe In-Person Birthday Party at BirthdayLand

If you’re searching for a safe indoor-party venue to make your kid’s day all the more special, your search ends right here!

At BirthdayLand, we ensure that our guests enjoy birthday parties with Covid-safety guidelines in place.

You can learn more about our birthday party venue Miami and our party packages on our website here.


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