Throwing the Ultimate 2 in 1 Halloween-Themed Birthday Party for Your Child

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Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner, and if your child’s birthday happens to fall on the festive occasion, then what’s better than throwing a 2 in 1 Halloween themed birthday party for them? Spooky season is just the time for some fright, fun, and festivities. Here’s how you can throw the ultimate Halloween themed birthday for your child.

Costumed Celebration

It’s a Halloween tradition for kids and even adults to dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. The average American household spends $102.74 on Halloween annually, including costumes, candy, decorations, etc.

A Halloween-themed birthday party means that parents are delighted about having an opportunity for their children to wear the Elsa, superhero, or fairy costumes that they spend quite a bit on.

Festive Food 

Halloween is synonymous with spooky and creative food options. You can arrange a variety of sweet and savory treats to go along with your party theme. Traditional Halloween foods can include candied apples, caramel pies, spooky brownies, deviled eggs, eyeball pops, and even sherbet or punch that looks like blood. You can order a cake in the shape of a jack o’ lantern to go with the theme.

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Dramatic Decorations

Halloween is a time of festivity and drama, with households competing to see who can outshine their neighbors when it comes to decorations. A 2-in-1 Halloween themed party means that you can save up on quite a bit on decorations as you can decorate for Halloween and your child’s birthday at the same time.

Creative and spooky decorations can include fake spider webs, cloth ghosts in the yard, jack o’ lanterns with led lights, tombstones, fog machines, and more. You can go all out by purchasing these things from a party store or making them by yourself at home.

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